About us.

Where the Love Initiative is a Youth driven Peace Initiative. We are united by one cause, to prevent losing more youths to Crime and Violence.  As of 2013, there have been rising cases of Youths engaging in Criminal Activities such as Robbery, Assault and Homicide with Firearm and Gang Violence. Such cases have led to innocent youths being branded as gang members and even killed, and others falling as victims of circumstances in cases such as Stray Bullets. The question however is, are there other possible ways to deal with this sensitive issue?  This initiative is set to give alternatives to youths who find themselves in an environment that condones such sorts of violence. It also gives hope to those who have been affected in that we are creating a safe Kenya for everyone.

There are various actors that play a role in encouraging youth involvement in criminal Activities.

The Challenges that this Initiative seeks to address include:

1: Family Hardships and the Environment one is born in.

2: Drug and Substance Abuse and Western Culture Influence.

3: Poverty, Unemployment and Idleness.

4: Ignorance and Mentality of youths.

5: Lack of Good Role models and Mentors.