On 15th July we headed to Imani Rehabilitation Agency, Kayole. It is a children’s home and the aim was to give the children…………


When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power,
The World Will Know Peace. ❤❤ Much Thanks to all who took part in the SPORTS FOR PEACE 2018 on December 08, 2018 at the Wangari Maathai Institute For Peace and Environmental Studies, Green Campus.👏
Our Theme for the day was ‘ Breaking Barriers’. Congratulations to…….



On 15th July, We met up with youths from Kayole who are also part of the Kayole Mtaa Safi Initiative. We had an interacting session whereby the youths shed some light of their means of livelihood, Family struggles, Poverty, Crime and………….


Where Is The Love Kenya in Partnership with the Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission…………

Where is the Love Music Video.

On 29th July, We released a music Video title “Where is the Love?” Featuring Kids from Imani Rehabilitation Agency. The video creates awareness on the issues that lead youths to result to crime and violence as a means of livelihood. It gives hope to youths in similar situations in that there are other alternatives other than crime. It also stresses on the 3 National Philosophies of Peace, Love and Unity.

EVENT: Team Building Activity February 4, 2018.

Where Is The Love Kenya Family participated in a team building activity held in Karura Forest. The aim of the activity was :

  1. To enhance self awareness of individual members
  2. To enhance team work and team spirit

The days activity included Team Building Games such as Tic Tac Toe as well as treasure hunts among others by our Team Building Leader , Mr. Jason.

EVENT: Nairobi Childrens Remand Visit ( #loveforthekids ) February 17, 2018

we took a visit to the Nairobi Childrens Remand, Kabete. The remand has two categories of children :

  1. Children in Conflict with the Law
  2. Children in need of Care and Protection

The home holds around 50 – 100 boys and girls and resenbles a boarding school whereby children awear uniform and perform various duties allocated to them. The detriment is that the children, especially those in conflict with the law, spend months or even years waiting for lengthy court processes robbing them of time they would have spent at home or at school.

Quote: I think its important for us as a society to remember that the youth within the juvinille justice systems are most of the time youths who havent had the right mentors and supporters around them because of circumstances beyond their control.

EVENT: Youth and Mental Wellness ( #nomoreloss #newlife ) March 24, 2018

Where Is The Love Kenya held an activity at Igiza Lounge, Kenya Cultural Centre dubbed ‘ No more loss ’. The purpose of the event was to fully understand and create awareness on mental health. The activities for the day included:

  1. Key speeches on Mental Health – What is mental health, What are the various types and causes of mental illness, How can the youth be supportive to those going through the same ?
  2. Life stories and lessons learnt of youth who have gone through various forms of mental illness and are surviving the same
  3. Focus group discussions on the role of youth with regards to mental wellness.
  4. Performance art geared towards mental wellness

The lessons learnt , after a couple more focus group discussions, will  be shared to the public through Song later on in the year.

EVENT: Wangari Maathai Eco FestivalApril 12, 2018

EVENT: Community Engaged Scholarship and Pedagogy Training (CES) May , 2018

Where Is The Love Kenya Family participates in the Community Engaged Scholarship (CES) and Pedagogy Course Training at the Wangari Maathai Institute For Peace and Environmental Studies (WMI) on 13th July 2018.
The course is championed by Dr. Jane Mutune, Lecturer WMI and Prof. Besi Brillian Muhonja, James Madison University USA.

EVENT: Tuko Pamoja Solai 1 June 30, 2018

Much thanks to all to took part in the Tuko Pamoja Solai Event.
Blessings to:

1) @waitherasammy For your Support since we started the initiative👏
2) Hon. Samuel Gachobe, MP Subukia Constituency
3) Mr. Joseph Karanja, MC Nakuru County
4) Mr. Brian Chege, MC Where Is The Love Kenya
5) PCEA Mwangaza Youth Group , Kiratina
6) Oakland Primary School Students and Staff
7) Solai Boys High School Students and Staff
8) Solai Nyakinyua Primary School Students and Staff
9) Mr. Kimani, Area Chief
10) Wangari Maathai Institute For Peace and Environmental Studies@iwangarimaathai
11) Where Is The Love Kenya Members
12) Egerton University Students
13) Affected Solai Households
And the Larger Solai Community. 💖

. Where Is The Love Turns a Year Old On July 15, 2018

Partnership August 2018

One of the main goals of Where Is The Love Kenya is to provide livelihood alternatives to youth especially those coming from broken homes or disfunctional societies.

In Partnership with Fresh on the Go, Our goal is now optical 💖
More details coming up 🙌


Tuko Pamoja Solai 2 ( #shadethecommunity) September 29, 2018